Many college students relieve stress by hanging out with friends and enjoying some of the great Clemson traditions such as tailgating, The Esso Club and downtown Clemson. While there is nothing wrong with having fun, many times alcohol is consumed at college social gatherings which can lead to an unfortunate arrest for driving under the influence. 

Your first call after being charged with DUI should be to a DUI Lawyer. A knowledgeable DUI Defense Attorney can advise you in an effort to protect your rights and defend your freedom. Being charged with DUI as a college student can effect you in a number of unique ways. A DUI conviction is a matter of public record which may negatively effect scholarships, student housing, internships, and future employment opportunities. 

Travis Newton is a Clemson University alumni and local DUI Defense Attorney.  Travis believes more motorists are unfairly charged with driving under the influence than all other criminal charges combined. The blame does not lie with The Clemson University Public Safety Officers or The Clemson City Police. Travis Newton believes flawed science coupled with flawed methods of experimental psychology are to blame when innocent motorists find themselves charged with driving under the influence. The truth is there are many reasons an innocent motorist may mimic signs of impairment. An arrest for driving under the influence will usually leave a motorist afraid, anxious and unsure of  the future. ​​ This is especially true for college students.
What is the reality of a conviction for driving under the influence? Does a DUI conviction have further negative consequences for employment opportunities and financial aid? Is there mandatory jail sentencing for a DUI conviction? What are the total fines? How long will my driver's license be suspended?  Will I be forced to attend mandatory drug and alcohol counseling and submit to random drug and alcohol testing? What is ADSAP? Is there an ADSAP office in Clemson? What is SR-22? What are the consequences for my auto-insurance premium? Are Field Sobriety Tests reliable? Is the breathalyzer reliable? How does Emma's Law effect the residents of South Carolina? Will I be forced to blow into an ignition interlock device each time I start my vehicle? Clemson South Carolina DUI Defense Attorney Travis A. Newton will answer these and other questions you may have. Call our Clemson DUI & Criminal Defense Attorneys at 864-965-9148 for a free consultation.


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